Salute;) Shortly before I went back to Southeast Asia, I made a spontaneous road trip with a friend to Paris. The actual plan was a movie night ... obviously nothing came of that. : D (I did not even want to write about it, but I do not like the pictures too much!) It was pretty sleepy and tired at 1 o'clock at night. Since my hometown is pretty close to the French border, it was directly without much detour on the highway to Paris. The ride was then but not quite as smoothly as planned (when does that ever happen: P). Due to a lot of rain, tolls and complicated roads we arrived directly during work

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As the title suggests, me and my best friend Oli did a trip to London together. When the plane started my anticipation increased by 10 times. And when we landed and the sun was shining, I couldn't control the smile in my face any longer. In the inner city arrived, we started taking photos and couldn't stop. We walked along the Thames promenade and found again and again beautiful and special markets and shops. Among other things the incredibly recommended Borough Market near the London Bridge. The market consists of the most varied food and artifacts. At almost every corner there are flowers to buy and the food ranges from Thai to Lebanese to Ethiopian food. Afterwards

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Hello again:) You haven't heard from me for a long time, and that's not because I've been lost somewhere in the world, it was a personal choice. In mid-July, I noticed in Bali that I missed something on my trip and I could not enjoy the wonderful time as I actually should do. I missed my friends, family and someone with who I could share the whole adventure. (And do not forget all the summer festivals 😁) So I decided spontaneously to go back from Malaysia to Germany and spend the summer here. Now I am back since the end of July and had to sort out and organize me again and of course I enjoy the

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