Salute;) Shortly before I went back to Southeast Asia, I made a spontaneous road trip with a friend to Paris. The actual plan was a movie night … obviously nothing came of that. : D (I did not even want to write about it, but I do not like the pictures too much!) It was … Continue Reading


As the title suggests, me and my best friend Oli did a trip to London together. When the plane started my anticipation increased by 10 times. And when we landed and the sun was shining, I couldn’t control the smile in my face any longer. In the inner city arrived, we started taking photos and … Continue Reading


Hello again:) You haven’t heard from me for a long time, and that’s not because I’ve been lost somewhere in the world, it was a personal choice. In mid-July, I noticed in Bali that I missed something on my trip and I could not enjoy the wonderful time as I actually should do. I missed … Continue Reading