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Hello again:) You haven't heard from me for a long time, and that's not because I've been lost somewhere in the world, it was a personal choice. In mid-July, I noticed in Bali that I missed something on my trip and I could not enjoy the wonderful time as I actually should do. I missed my friends, family and someone with who I could share the whole adventure. (And do not forget all the summer festivals 😁) So I decided spontaneously to go back from Malaysia to Germany and spend the summer here. Now I am back since the end of July and had to sort out and organize me again and of course I enjoy the

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Hello again:) Because I didn't like it very much in Seminyak and generally on the coast of Bali, I decided to make a short trip to Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Lembogan is located south of Bali and can be reached by the speedboat from Sanur in about 30 minutes. Arrived at Lembongan, I understood why the Nusa Islands still considered an insider tip. There are relatively few tourists here and everything is still very original and simple. What I really liked, because Semiynak was simply overrun and incredibly loud & dirty. In the hostel (Lembongan Hostel) I met some cool and nice people and planned with two of them a trip to the big sister island Nusa Penida

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My second week in Ubud is already over now & I still love the city. (even if the weather at the moment is quite unpredictable) But that's no problem :) On rainy days I go to a good spa and treat myself with an amazing (and cheap) massage or mani / pedicure. (Or all together!)  And then spend the evening in one of my favorite restaurants like the Bali Yoga in the Jl. Kajeng.  They have very delicious food and a very comfortable athmosphere.  But if the weather is better, I walk through the city or to the rice fields which are directly in Ubud and from my accommodation about a five-minutes-walk away. Taking a long walk

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Hello again, As the title suggests I made a trip to the Monkey Forest Park in the middle of Ubud. I started from my accommodation and walked to the Monkey Forest Road. (From the main road 'Raya Ubud' it takes about 15 minutes to get to the destination.) The closer I got to the park, the more pictures and videos from Facebook started spinning around in my head. From monkeys stealing your sunglasses. Your mobile phone, camera or anything else which is not safe. So, as you can imagine, I felt a little nervous. (But this time I had prepared for the trip (not like the Hidden Canyon trip) & stowed all the loose things in my

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Hello guys :), Last weekend a friend from Singapore visited me in Ubud. She picked me up with her little 'Scoopy' scooter and we made our way out of the city. On the scooter, I asked her where exactly we would go and what the 'Hidden Canyon' actually is. She just said, "Oh, a friend told me about it, he said you might get a bit wet." At that moment that sounded quite relaxed for me. A bit of water is not bad ... When we arrived at the Hidden Canyon car park and at the ticket stand, our illusion was directly destroyed. The salesmen said that we can't do the hike without a guide. Especially not

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Hello again:) I am once again in a new country and also on a new continent. Indonesia. Asia. After saying good-bye to Fiji with a tearful and laughing eye, I went to Bali with an 7-hour stopover in Brisbane. Bali was and is next to Fiji one of the destinations which have always been at the top of my wish list and I have always wanted to see. Now I am here ... and I am so excited. Arrived at the airport, I was waiting for over an hour for my backpack ... Welcome to Bali! 😁 Somehow, however, it showed up and I was finally able to get into a taxi at half-past twelve in the

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Bula everyone! This is my first blogpost in English and I hope my writing isn't too bad and you can understand what I wanna to say. :) (German one below.) Right now I'm in Fiji and it's so unbelievable to be here. I feel like I am in a dream... The islands are so beautiful and breathtaking. It's pure nature and I love it. Before I arrived at the airport i was very nerveous. That quickly became better after I Ianded. The locals are so friendly and heartwarming here. I heard that the Fijian culture is one of the happiest and kindest cultures in the world. So far, I can only agree. So I decided to do

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Hallo ihr Lieben, nach einer etwas längeren Pause bin ich jetzt endlich wieder online. Und zwar hatte es mich für 5 Wochen wieder zurück in die Heimat verschlagen um meine Mum an ihrem 49+1 Geburstag zu überraschen. Mit Hilfe einer Freundin (Danke Ute nochmal dafür! :)) plante ich also die Heimreise. Da meine Mum aber in Ischgl, Österreich feierte ging es für mich nicht direkt in mein eigenes Bett zurück sondern zuerst auf die Ski. (Nach 10 Jahren das erste Mal wieder :D ) Zuhause angekommen verschlug es mich, auch nicht anders zu erwarten, in mein geliebtes Mannheim und ich feierte mit Oli das Wiedersehen auf dem Hafenfestival im Hafen49. Wunderschönes Wetter, perfekte Musik und mega Stimmung machten

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Hello again, Jetzt kommt endlich auch mal wieder was von mir. Ich hatte mal wieder das Glück so unglaublich liebenswerte und freundliche neue Menschen kennen lernen zu dürfen und sitze gerade in Brisbane in einem wunderschönen kleinen Haus in das ich eingeladen wurde. Und ich habe eeendlich wieder funktionierendes und schnelles Wifi. Das war nämlich in Byron Bay in meinen Hostel so gut wie nicht vorhanden. Aber das hat mich um ehrlich zu sein, ziemlich wenig gestört, denn Byron Bay ist für mich einfach der Ort der das Leben widerspiegelt, dass ich gerne führen würde. Byron selbst ist eine ziemlich kleine Stadt, in welcher man alles zu Fuß erreichen kann. Es hat wunderschöne Strände, und noch schönere Sonnenuntergänge. Es spielen

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Hallihallo ihr Lieben :) ich habe die letzten Tage ziemlich oft meinen Standort gewechselt und kam nicht dazu irgendwas am Blog zu machen. Aber jetzt sitze ich hier in Coffs Harbour, in meinem Stockbett, genieße einer meiner vielen Playlists auf Spotify und höre im Hintergrund die anderen Hostelbewohner Beer Pong spielen. :D Also hab ich mich jetzt zusammen genommen und mich an den Laptop gesetzt um den Abend doch noch irgendwie produktiv abzuschließen. :P Nach Katoomba ging es für mich erstmal wieder zurück nach Sydney & Gott sei Dank konnte ich dort bei einer unglaublich lieben und neuen Bekanntschaft im Haus mit übernachten. Und das umsonst. Ich war im 7. Backpacker-Himmel. :) Freier Schlafplatz. Freies Wifi. Freie

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